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We are a full-service innovation strategy & design firm that specializes in positioning companies as the strongest and most impactful in their fields - conceptually, visually, and operationally.

Incipe Labs began out of frustration around the fact that this type of strategy work is typically inaccessible to impact-driven companies that prioritize purpose just as much as they do profit.

Our origins

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now, we want to bring our work to you.

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Business methods usually preclude their visions, but the tools are right at our fingertips, and often all that's missing is the team to help a company navigate unpredictable waters.

We have seen what a difference it can make. A strong company strategy (ground in research) informs strategic field positioning, which informs internal resource management, which informs a strong external communications strategy. Over time, we’ve iterated on our methods as a firm. The process that has resulted has been repeatedly tested, and will set you up for your greatest success.

Large consulting firms typically charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for this type of strategy and resource assessment work, which often makes it out of reach for smaller impact-driven companies. This reality has always frustrated us. Strategy work that is critical to making the world a better place should not be inaccessible. Enter: Incipe Labs. We do innovation strategy and design work for impact-driven companies that care about effectiveness and prioritize purpose just as much as they do profit.

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Developing an in-depth understanding of best practices within the client's field.

  • Best Practices Analysis
  • Metrics Development
  • Systems Mapping & Climate Assessment

SYMBOL EXPLAINED: the best practice triangles are scattered, but the strike is forging through, beginning to recognize which are important.

at each stage in the business journey

the best practice triangles are beginning to form the strike even moreso.

at each stage in the business journey


Charting the path forward for the client to adopt the most strategic combination of best practices to meet their goals, and then developing measurement tools for them to track their progress.

  • Company Business Strategy 
  • Company Operational Strategy

the strike is being made up of all the triangles, but in the most organized fashion of the three.

Utilizing strategic design elements to ensure the clients success moving forward.

at each stage in the business journey



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